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10 facts about scheduling

In 2011 we conducted a variety of surveys about scheduling, appointment management, productivity, and calendars. The main results are included below (and more detailed in the Doodle Facts 2011). Are you already a schedling pro?

  1. People spend almost four full days per year coordinating appointments
  2. The more appointments people have, the less time they need when scheduling events
  3. Gender has no influence on the time used when scheduling an appointment
  4. It’s hard without a calendar
  5. Half of Internet users stick with paper calendars
  6. Most electronic calendar users aren’t completely satisfied
  7. One out of five people already use an online scheduling service
  8. Two-thirds of the Swiss use online scheduling
  9. 30,000 new appointments on Doodle every day
  10. Mobile scheduling tripled in 2011

2 comments on “10 facts about scheduling

  1. Cool read about scheduling. I had no idea that people could spend about four full days per year just coordinating appointments. I’m interested to learn if the amount of time scheduling increases if it focuses on a business’s work.

    • Thanks for reading Taylor. We’ll also consider this for our next bit of research! 🙂 – Aaron

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