New advertising format supports Doodle’s free features

We recently introduced a new format of online adverstising: the Calendar Ad. This new format will show up in the participation page of a Doodle poll as a small box and reveal additional information and the location upon mouse over. Marketers that way can promote all kinds of events, including fairs, parties, and launches. The Calendar Ad has a high relevance for the user as it appears when people are actually planning events around that specific time. For the beginning, only users in Germany and Switzerland will see it.

The ads on contribute to a major share of Doodle’s revenue and enable us to provide the majority of all features for free. We heartily invite you to subscribe to a Premium Doodle price plan if you prefer to use the service without advertising and would like to profit from full branding capabilities and extra features.

More in our media update.

Calendar Ad in timely context: reveals additional information upon mouse over

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