Doodle crosses the 10 million user mark

The US leads the way with the fastest rate of growth

Online scheduling has reached a new milestone today as Doodle has now reached 10 million users per month* for September 2011. Users are distributed globally, and the main clusters are in Germany, Switzerland, France, the US and Belgium. The total number of users is more than three times larger than it was in 2009, and in the US, the amount of users (2M+) is almost four times larger than it was back then. Additionally, the usage of Doodle’s mobile version has had a threefold increase per year during the last two years.

Doodle's global user growth in the recent years

The viral growth of Doodle is fueled by the users who invite their contacts to meeting polls and therefore enable them to experience the benefits of Doodle. According to a recent survey**, 98% of all users discovered Doodle because of a personal invitation or recommendation.

Why did you start using Doodle?** (N=4,200)

The data also shows that users are extremely happy with Doodle when it comes to its design, reliability, data protection, functionality, and usability. Half of Doodle’s users use the tool more than once a month, more than half of them use it for professional scheduling, and 40% of them organize more meetings than they participate in.

Ratings by Doodle users** (N=4,200)

This large number of satisfied and regular users makes Doodle an attractive international advertising platform, and this accounts for the largest share of the company’s revenue. Doodle’s advertisers can reach their audiences in a precise way through thematic targeting, and the simple interface enables them to make a strong impact.

*Total unique visitors per month according to Google Analytics
**On-site international survey in September 2011 with 4,200 participants

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