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As our group of developers has grown in the past few years, the development structure has become disorderly and the engineering team has been looking for some (but not too much) structure. In the past, Doodle released new features monthly, so the development process was kind of agile for years and this shouldn’t change. We liked it, and our customers (you …) liked it, too.

The most famous method of agile development is probably Scrum, and Scrum seemed to be a good fit for us. If you want more information about Scrum, check out Wikipedia or read the book “Scrum mit User Stories” (ISBN 978-3-446-42660-3), which we like and recommend. Unfortunately, this book is only available in German.

After a few weeks of preparation and research, we started our first cycle on September 28th and are running it for 3 weeks. The beginning was interesting, kind of exhausting, but fun, too. We also now have fancy task boards and burn down charts on our wall.

The engineers are looking forward to planning meetings, extreme programming, and retrospectives.

Do you have experience working with Scrum or do you have any questions? We love to hear from you, so please feel free to share your feedback.

Oliver Ganz

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