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Here comes the quote of the month:

What a great tool this Doodle is! One of my students suggested it to me as a way to schedule a meeting (20 people), and it works wonderfully. Even the participants who aren’t very technologically savvy commented on how easy it is to use.

Many thanks for sharing this with all of us!

Susan P.


And some particularly nice tweets:

@misener Oh @doodletweet, you make calendaring such a civilized affair.

@alandanimal Is @doodletweet not the most useful web tool ever?

@dannysullivan if you ever have to schedule a group meeting, @doodletweet is awesome http://bit.ly/kqaOU0

@askmanny Few… VERY few web products I feel as strongly about as I feel about Doodle! Thanks @DoodleTweet for bringing sanity to meeting planning!

@alukeonlife By far, the tool that saves me the most time: http://doodle.com/ arrange meetings for multiple people easily.

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