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Mobile Doodle gets a boost

Today is the day when we proudly release our new mobile version, which includes an updated mobile Web interface that is optimized for modern smartphones, as well as some other mobile-specific features.

The new Mobile Doodle ensures smooth handling on the touch screen, show all relevant information concisely and features almost all of Doodle’s functionality, including:

  • Create polls
  • Send invitations via the mobile email client, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Comment on polls
  • Edit your own participation
  • Close poll and pick final time
  • MyDoodle dashboard
  • Premium Doodle (no ads)
  • Calendar connect (view your calendar data during poll creation and participation)

If you haven’t connected your calendar with Doodle yet, then the new mobile version is definitely a reason to do so because having a connected calendar simplifies both creating and answering meeting invitations due to the fact that you’ll always see when your schedule has open time slots.

The ability to select your current location as the meeting place is one of the mobile-specific features that isn’t included in the standard Web version. As an added bonus, you can also directly contact participants via telephone or email by just clicking on their names when the information was collected during the poll participation (requires Premium Doodle). This is useful when people don’t show up for a meeting or you need to change the meeting location at the last minute.

The complete mobile redesign is a natural next step because of the redesign of our standard Web version and skyrocketing mobile usage. It’s easy to see that smartphones are being widely distributed at a very high level*. We also see this in the usage of Doodle, which has had a threefold increase per year in the last two years. Not only does this change people’s communication habits, but it also shows website providers that users have clear mobile expectations. For example, our own research shows that the main usability demand of mobile users is that websites be optimized for their smartphones.

We actively support and have tested the mobile version on IE9, WebKit (iPhone, Safari, BlackBerry 6 and later, Nokia S60 and later), Opera 6 and later, and Firefox 4. We also provide native apps for the iPhone and Android.

The new design was done by virtuallyhandmade, and they’re the same company that redesigned Doodle’s standard Web version.

Poll initiate w/ optional geolocation
Date select: small bars indicate availability
Poll participation w/ calendar context

*Latest figures: Smartphone sales up 74% in Q2 2011 vs. Q2 2010 (Gartner, Inc. – August 2011)

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