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Super basic, mobile beta, calendar ads, and intro film

We released the new beta version of the mobile participation page last month, and yesterday we added the poll creation wizard, too. On any modern* mobile device, you can now go through the whole process of creating a poll, inviting participants, participating, and closing a poll. Visit or go to on your mobile phone and select “Switch to new Mobile Doodle BETA”. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback!

We also launched a super basic desktop version of Doodle’s participation page that can be helpful if you use an older browser that doesn’t support the regular Doodle user interface. With this version, you can always be 100% sure that everyone will be able to answer a Doodle invitation no matter what software they use.

Users in Switzerland might also see a new form of advertising because we’re now experimenting with calendar ads. These ads will give advertisers the ability to promote events directly in Doodle polls in a chronological way.

Watch also the new intro film that was created during our video contest!

*We support IE9, WebKit (iPhone, Safari, BlackBerry 6 and later, Nokia S60 and later), Opera 6 and later, and Firefox 4 and later. We can’t guarantee perfect operation on all other / older software.

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