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Quotes of the month

Twitter is a popular way to send out Doodle polls to participants, and it’s also a great way for users to express their opinions about Doodle. Here are some recent quotes from Twitter users. Thanks for your comments!

@buckwoody Ever have those “no, Friday is not good for me, how about Thursday? No? How about Tuesday?” I use this: Doodle calendar connect

@effingcool Doodle is the the most useful thing (and most #effingcool thing) i’ve found in a long time

@kabissa 🙂 Yes, I am back to Doodle!

@MissAnnieShek How do you organize large meetings without hassle? Check out @doodletweet! I ❤ being #efficient

@tmetten Thank you @doodletweet for such a wonderful service you provide us with. I especially love the #ics integration! #doodleisawesome

@akaalichen My recommendation of the day: @doodletweet for scheduling. It’s free and an easy way to visualize everyone’s availability. Easy Peasy!

@8bbAdvocate Falling in love with Doodle, especially now that I see it integrates with g-cal. Veddy sexy.

@PaperOnline Paper calendars still dominant in the world of appointments http://bit.ly/nsc7TJ

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