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The Bachelor Party is the winner of the Doodle Video Contest

We’re very happy to announce the winners of our video contest today. The “Bachelor Party” by Beckdesign clearly qualified for the first prize as the most professional entry with its humorous approach. It will be featured as the introductory video on, and an English and French version will also be developed.

We congratulate the team on their great work and hope they enjoy safe flights around the world with their prize! Beckdesign’s director Guido Beck told us, “Within a short time, we produced this stop-motion film as a contest entry from the original text to the final cut. Since we use Doodle ourselves, we had a lot of fun with this video project.”

The second prize goes to the collection of fruit in “Let’s get together” by Magdalena Kauz. Magdalena described her work like this, “It was a lot of fun to view something that you do every day with completely different eyes by taking uninspiring organizational work and transforming it ‘fruitfully’. A special thanks goes to Cherry, Apple, Pear, and Peach.”

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the filmmakers for their engagement, their great ideas, and the good time we had watching the entries! Enjoy the videos below!

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