Great response to our user survey

Last weeks we asked you to tell us how you manage your calendar and appointments. This was a quite extensive questionnaire and we want to thank all of you who took their time to complete it! Right now we we are still analysing data and can tell so much: that’s really interesting stuff and you will definitely hear back from us with the results.

Thank you very much for the great comments, too! Here’re just some of them:

Interesting questions! I’ve learnt a bit about myself.

The questionnaire was very precise. Thanks. Not a single redundant question.

Some of your questions embarrassed me because your questionnaire hasn’t been conceived for a pensioner … Besides that, CHEER with Doodle. What a splendid tool! Thank you.

The big problem is to merge the company agenda with the private that is on another PC.

Doodle has been a great tool even for friends and colleagues who are uncomfortable with technology – I love it!!

Merci Doodle!


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