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Is Doodle a Calendar?

We asked 3,000 Internet users from Germany, the US, and France about the limits of their electronic calendars via a Toluna Quick Survey. We were most surprised by the fact that 58% of the users aren’t satisfied with the tool they have (see graph).

Users of electronic calendars (N=1,202 out of 3,000)

This quick survey demonstrates the difference between an electronic calendar and Doodle. Doodle is not a calendar, but instead, it connects and complements existing calendars in several ways:

  • Multiple meeting proposals: Doodle enables friendly and efficient consensus-based scheduling.
  • Calendar neutral: Doodle works across all calendar systems.
  • Groups and one-to-one: Doodle is perfectly designed to handle the coordination of large groups, but it also offers one-to-one scheduling through MeetMe.
  • All in one place: Doodle meeting invitations can be answered directly in the calendar view instead of in your inbox (where meeting requests traditionally demand to be processed).

With Doodle’s calendar integrations, you can connect multiple calendars and activate and deactivate them as needed. These calendars could include data about the family schedule, the availability of your colleagues, the meeting room schedule, or public feeds that display information like national holidays.

Doodle fully connects with Google (via OAuth), Outlook (via a plugin and the new Exchange Connector), Lotus Notes (via a sidebar widget), and any online calendar that uses ICS feeds.

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