Swiss publisher Tamedia takes shares in Doodle

The Swiss publisher Tamedia is going to engage in Doodle and will take 49 percent of the shares that are a part of the leading online scheduling service. Synergies are seen in a partnership with the leading Swiss directory ( – a Tamedia affiliate – to strengthen Doodle’s position in its home market with regard to advertising and the SME sector. On the other hand, Tamedia will strive to expand its online portfolio with Doodle in an international way.

Doodle will remain unchanged in all major aspects, especially concerning the free service, the Premium accounts, and the advertising platform, both now and in the future. The operational lead will stay with Michael Näf and Paul E. Sevinç as co-owners, executive directors, and board members. Doodle’s team of 11 people will continue to work on the project at the Technopark in Zurich.

“We’re happy to announce this partial exit that allows us to benefit from synergies with Tamedia and gives us room to operate and grow independently and remain open for additional international partnerships,” said Doodle CEO Michael Näf. The details of the transaction will be submitted to the Swiss Federal Competition Commission and the parties agreed to keep them confidential.

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