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Doodle gets published

Doodle has been mentioned in several books, and this just shows how popular Doodle is when it comes to productivity and calendaring.

Just take a look at the titles below:

The 4-Hour Workweek

by lifestyle guru Tim Ferris

The best free tool I’ve found for herding cats (multiple people) for scheduling without excessive e-mail.

by The Productivity Pro Laura Stack

Doodle makes scheduling transparent and flexible by engaging participants—regardless of whether they use online or offline calendars, paper planners, or no system at all.

The Social Media Bible
by social media experts Lon Safko and David K. Brake

This service is particularly easy to use, and even passes the “grandma test”—so easy your grandma can do it!

Upgrade your Life
by tech writer Gina Trapani

A simple Doodle poll can reduce email back-and-forth between multiple attendees and provide an easy, visual map of who can make it when to your event.

Eliminate the Chaos at Work
by organzing and productivity consultant Laura Leist

The Networked Nonprofit
by nonprofit experts Beth Kanter and Allison H. Fine

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