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Survey: mobile devices become efficiency tools

Classic mobile phones are becoming extinct and smartphone users tend to be online more than an hour per day. Mobile devices evolve to tools for organizational tasks like the administration of the calendar, contacts and emails. And: users are more annoyed by websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices than by mobile ads. These are the major findings of our survey on mobile usage that was answered by more than 1,400 Doodle users – and give clear signals to website operators.

The use of Doodle’s mobile versions is growing rapidly according to our records. That’s why we created this survey and it’s also why we’ve been quite surprised by the fact that so many users didn’t know about our mobile versions (see below). The survey was conducted in the US, Germany, Switzerland, and some other countries in March of this year. Here are the results in more detail:

Most respondents used a touchscreen smartphone (41%) followed by smartphones without touchscreens (36%) and “normal” mobile phones (23%) (see chart 1). Dominating among the smartphones was the iPhone (49%) and other major mobile systems included in the survey were Android (28%) and BlackBerry (11%).

Chart 1: What type of mobile phone do you mainly use? (N=1,425)

Almost all of the smartphone users also go online with their devices (95%) and 20% of the users with a traditional mobile phone. They spend an average active online usage time (without background tasks) of more than one hour per day (68 minutes) when waiting, at home, on the run, at work, and when commuting (see chart 2).

Chart 2: When do you most frequently go online with your mobile phone? (N=1,065; multiple answers possible)

Getting directions is the task that’s most frequently performed on the mobile phone (50%) compared to the computer or tablet (29%). About half of the respondents administer their calendar (56%) and contacts (55%) and read news (50%) on the mobile phone or equally on both the phone and the computer. Reading and answering emails has a high share of usage on phones and computers (42%). Task administration (54%) and the process of setting up Doodle requests (75%) are still mainly performed on the computer (see chart 3).

Chart 3: On which devices do you predominantly perform the following tasks? (N=1,052)

When asked about the most annoying thing about being online with a mobile device, the most frequent answer was visiting websites that aren’t optimized for mobile phones, which should be a clear message for companies with websites. Other drawbacks are more related to the mobile phones themselves or the network. Mobile ads don’t seem to be overwhelmingly annoying when surfing on a phone (see chart 4).

Chart 4: What annoys you the most when you're online with your mobile phone? (N=1,023; multiple answers possible)

Many respondents didn’t know about the mobile versions of Doodle (84%), which may explain their relatively low usage. The iPhone app (31%) dominates the different mobile versions and is followed by the mobile Web version (28%), the Android app (25%), and the normal Web version (16%) (see chart 5).

Chart 5: Which version of Doodle do you mainly use on your mobile phone? (N=296)

Three-quarters of the mobile users (76%) rated Doodle’s mobile applications as good or very good and only one-tenth of all respondents (9%) don’t think it’s important that Doodle offers a mobile version of the service. These results show us the huge potential of mobile Doodle and give us ideas about where changes can be made.

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