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Redesign recap

We’ve had tons of feedback ever since the redesigned version of Doodle went live. For the most part, the reworked user interface has been received very positively. Some users like the old design better and others had specific issues with the new design. Most of these issues were minor things that we were able to fix right away.

There is one piece of recurring feedback that has surprised us the most, and that is that Doodle polls are printed out frequently and users were missing this feature that had been moved exclusively to the poll administrator view. Many of them print out a poll to check availabilities in the personal calendar on the screen. Those users need to know that our calendar integration offers a much better way to get calendar data synced with a Doodle poll!

There’s no button to switch back to the old design and that’s the reason why we want to highlight three things in dealing with the new one:

  • The print view has been given back to all participants of a poll.
  • Wide polls are shown in the compact “accordion” view. There are technical reasons to restrict the width of a poll and the majority of users quickly get used to the extra click that it takes to enlarge it.
  • Entries in the “name” field are not completely visible. We’re working on making the name row clearly visible on large polls as well, and we’d like to ask our users to insert only the name in the name field and to use the comment field for any additional information.

Did you notice that the blog is now in the new layout, too?

8 comments on “Redesign recap

  1. Thelma Wright

    Has the redesign taken away the option to send invitation e-mails out with your regular e-mail program? Reason being, I’ve created a poll and was given the option to do so once I sent the participants’ link, it locked the poll from others to enter data.

    • Reto from Doodle


      No, it’s still there. On the invitation step, see above the invitation form.


  2. Chris Shaffer

    Where did the generic participation link go? I can’t find any way to access it, and I can’t send my invitation to my listserv without it. A one-time use invitation URL is useless to me.

  3. Chris Shaffer

    I figured it out. If I am logged into My Doodle, the option for “You send the invitation” does not appear, at all. Only if I am not logged in does that option appear.

  4. What about the embed function ?
    Will you put it back again, some other users asked for ?
    Thank you.

  5. Niels Langager Ellegaard

    It would be nice to have a reminder message that I can copy paste from the website into a mail. I am thinking about something like the following:

    “””We are planning this event on doodle. So far the results are

    24/12: Bob, Jill (2)
    25/12: Bob, Tom, Sam (3)
    26/12: Bob, Jill, Tom, Sam (4)

    You can add yourself by pressing the link below.”””

    This feature would help me teach doodle non-technical people. It would also allow me to politely remind people that have forgotten to add their name to a doodle poll.

    The layout is nice and simple. I like it.

  6. I like to accordion-style folding, but I would suggest the actual date (and few polls before and after) are visible. So far, the beginning is always visible and it is folded at the end, which is sometimes not the best option.

    So if you can change the folding feature such that present date is not hidden in the fold, it would be really great. Thanks.

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