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Mobile phone user survey

You don’t have to stop using Doodle when you’re on the run. By using your mobile device, you can respond to a meeting poll, initiate a poll, and see all of your polls at a glance. There are four different ways to use Doodle:

When you go to or click on a Doodle participation link on your mobile phone, you are automatically redirected to the mobile version unless you have installed one of the native apps. In the upcoming months we will work to improve and enhance our mobile version and therefore want to ask you to give us feedback on how you use your mobile phone.

Please participate in our short survey and you could win one of ten free Premium Doodle subscriptions!

2 comments on “Mobile phone user survey

  1. Ich nutze die iPhone Variante, eine fürs iPad wâr noch cool…
    Android Teste ich zur Zeit, ist halt noch lange nicht auf dem selben Niveau
    Aber sonnst weiter so;-)

  2. I suppose the Doodle Apps for iPhone is free while the service is free for use unless subscription to Doodle Premium. It is discouraging ppl using Doodle Service while it is a paid App and costs $2.99, nonsense.

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