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User survey: Outlook, Google, paper agenda

Last month we asked our users to give us feedback about the way they use Doodle and their personal calendars. We were overwhelmed by the large amount of valuable feedback! More than six thousand (6,402) users went though all of the questions and provided us with very useful comments. Thanks to everyone who participated! This is very important to us because this interaction with our users helps us to be the leader in our market.

The main results from this most recent survey are summarized in the three charts below. More than four-fifths of the respondents use an electronic calendar either on a computer or on a mobile phone (see Chart 1). That also implies that around 15% of our users still use paper calendars.

Chart 1: Do you use an electronic calendar?

49% of the respondents have only one electronic calendar, 33% use two, 12% use three, and 6% have more than three electronic calendars (see Chart 2).

Chart 2: How many different calendars do you use?

Outlook (46%) and Google (17%) are the most common primary calendars ahead of the calendars on mobile phones and Apple’s iCal (see Chart 3). It was interesting to see the differences between North America and Europe. Whereas the Americans are much more into Google Calendar than the Europeans (21% vs. 11%), the Europeans are in the lead when it comes to using mobile phones for scheduling (16% vs. 9%).

Chart 3: What is your primary calendar?

About 10% of the respondents said that they connected their calendars with Doodle. More than half (56%) didn’t know this was possible. However, 95% of people who connected their calendars rate this feature positively (see Chart 4).

Chart 4: What do you think about the calendar integration with Doodle?

Other submitted comments were also very useful including multiple additions to our Calendar Connect wish list, different reasons why people didn’t connect their calendars to Doodle, and the fact that some users call themselves late adopters. Yes, Doodle is so easy to use and so deeply integrated that it is highly attractive to a very wide range of users. The traditionalists with paper calendars are even starting to change their ways. More than half of them are considering the idea of using an electronic calendar (73% in the US compared to 43% in Europe).

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  1. Thank you for sharing the results with us! It’s always fascinating to see how others are using a specific tool.

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