Doodle is launch partner in new SAP OpenSocial catalogue

The world’s leading provider of enterprise software SAP makes Doodle available to its customers: SAP announced today to broadening the range of tools and functionality available to users of the SAP StreamWork application by introducing support for OpenSocial. Doodle, Google Translate, MindMeister, Atlassian are CS Odessa the five launch partners that SAP integrates in the SAP StreamWorks catalogue.

We’re glad about beeing a launch partern for SAP! Holly Simmons (senior director, On Demand Marketing, SAP) said in the press release: “Our customers need ways to work quickly, flexibly and fluidly across a broad range of applications and capabilities, including what they already use today. With OpenSocial, we’re pleased to be able to rapidly extend SAP StreamWork with solutions from leading organizations to deliver a seamless and productive user experience.”

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