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MeetMe: Doodle now also covers one-to-one meetings

We are very happy to make the beta version of MeetMe public today! Doodle MeetMe is your personal scheduling profile that has its own URL (see example). It displays blocked times, which enables business partners and friends to directly enter several proposals for a time to meet. MeetMe connects to your electronic calendar through your MyDoodle account.

Get your own MeetMe URL today or read more in our media update!

Doodle provides a disruptive service for group scheduling and has been a pioneer in this area. Now we’re at it again with one-to-one scheduling.

When two per cent of Doodle users will adopt MeetMe and save an extra half hour per week – this would add up to 60’000 hours saved per week, which is the equivalent to the workforce of a company with about 1’500 employees!

18 comments on “MeetMe: Doodle now also covers one-to-one meetings

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  2. Connect it to LinkedIn or Facebook, and add a feature to make it hidden for non friends (password to show?), and I will join drectly!

  3. Why that limitation urging user names to be at least four characters long? Please change it to three characters.

  4. It looks like the calendar shows not just the blocks of time that are committed but what I’m doing and where I am. Too much information for me to share…. if there is –or will be–an option to show just the blocks of time that I am unavailable, then I’d use it. But as long as the what/where information must show–no thank you. Not in the least interested.

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  6. @Josh: MeetMe only shows the times when you are not available – there are NO appointment details like meeting title, location, … Visitors of your MeetMe profile will see aggregated blocks that consolidate the different appointments and different calendars you might have connected to MyDoodle.

    We thought that’s exactly the level of privacy that makes MeetMe attractive to use.

  7. Is there an API for MeetMe? I’m thinking the next step for this would be third-party app hooks. Facebook has already been mentioned, which can serve as both a client as well as a source of events. Doodle doesn’t need to support the external interfaces, just the API. Looks like it’s time for me to take another look at the Doodle REST interface too. 😉

  8. Tony, we’re always interested to discuss ways to interact with other services. Why don’t you drop as a line here so we can discuss your ideas?

  9. This sounds great if it will work for me. I use MobileMe with my iPhone to coordinate my calendars and those of my family members. I have some questions:

    1. Will MyDoodle be able to get calendar information from my existing calendars or will I have to enter it all manually?

    2. If it will, where can I find instructions about how to set it up so that it updates itself?

    3. How can I protect my privacy? I do not want my URL to be available to just anyone who finds it and I do not want total strangers knowing when I am home and away from home, etc. It seems–at least at first pass–that would be possible with this application.

    4. How will MyDoodle and MeetingDoodle be connected, if at all. For example, I have set up a meeting with one person and then we decide that we need others to join us. Will it be possible to use the information from MyDoodle about my availability in MeetingDoodle without re-entering it manually?


  10. @mn – Thanks for your invitation. My point however is that there are any number of things that can be done with Doodle and MeetMe through an API. My ideas are irrelevant as a hundred developers would have as many different ideas. Developers shouldn’t need to discuss their ideas for apps with you, they should be able to just write their apps to help people to make use of your services. Keeping in mind that Doodle is in business to make money, I think an API for developers needs to be available to free accounts, but API access for regular use should probably be a premium function. I can still send a note to “mn” via the contact page but I’m not sure what value that would have. I’m sure you guys are as capable of defining a useful API as I am. 🙂

  11. Dear MeetMe/Doodle Blog:
    Please check your English in both your email and blog. I don’t think you meant to use the word “disruptive.”

  12. @ Larry: thanks for your comment. We wanted to express our conviction that MeetMe will change the way we schedule one-to-one meetings as fundamentally as Doodle did for group events until now.

    More on the term “disruptive”:

  13. Larry M. meant what he said. Disruptive technology is one thing; but the manner in which the word was used is disruptive in a negative sense. You *disrupted* an exciting email announcement with a syntactically correct but aesthetically incorrect choice of words.

    At least that’s my opinion. Here’s one way you could have avoided the confusion:

    “Just like Doodle turned scheduling on its head, MeetMe will turn the world of personal appointments on its head as well. We hope you are as excited about our newest “disruptive” technology as we are!” (then you could link to the wikipedia entry)

    Phil H., editor

  14. Great formulation, Phil! We would definitely have avoided the confusion if we used that instead 🙂

  15. I like the look of the calendar. However weekend appointments do not show up as busy. Is there to show this ?

  16. I like meet me but I often have to schedule multiple one on one meetings! It looks like I can only suggest open dates to one person at a time. can you make it so I can suggest dates to a group that I can send a link to? Then when someone selects one it is not available to others and so on…

    • The idea of your MeetMe-profile is that people can propose times to meet to you. Times you accepted will be blocked in your calendard and the profile (as long as you connected both). When you’re proposing time to others you’d use the standard Doodle and limit the number of participant per option in the poll settings.

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