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Android app update: poll initiate now enabled

In the middle of December, we launched a very lightweight native Doodle app for Android. Thanks to user feedback, we’re happy to announce that we’ve now introduced the ability to setup meeting requests in the app. Doing that you can use the address book on the smartphone to invite participants directly.

Additionally, the app is now called Doodle Scheduling, which makes it easier to find in the Android Marketplace.

2 comments on “Android app update: poll initiate now enabled

  1. John Fisher

    Like many people out there I am now unable to download apps to my android tablet.
    Apdroid 1.1 – even the factory reset doesn’t work!
    it’s one of these:

    Can you please make the apk file available via PC so that I can copy in in through the USB and load it that way?

    John F

  2. John, unfortunately we cannot do this. We have no means of managing the release cycles if the app is not installed via the Android Market.

    Please try to find a way to install Market applications together with your tablet vendor in order to install the Doodle app on your tablet.

    We’re sorry for this inconvenience.

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