Looking for a Visual Designer

We are looking for a visual designer, who would be responsible for an appealing visual appearance of Doodle. Important aspects of this position are to optimize existing functions, to design new offerings, and to create prototype designs.

Learn more about this interesting and challenging position

6 thoughts on “Looking for a Visual Designer

  1. Nononsense

    I agree. Keep the looks simple, and focus on the functionality and new features that would appeal to different needs — for instance, a way for people to import/export polls to Google calendar.

  2. Kimball Clark

    My thoughts regarding “lk’s” comment “keep it as clean and simple as possible! like it is, maybe?”

    There is truth to this statement, but keeping the software the same as always and not seeking the assistance of an experienced UX designer could very well be your death knell. It has been my experience that any project can always be improved upon.

    Let me know if you’re open to a freelance group tackling your design needs, rather than an on-site employee.


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