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Doodle’s constantly evolving. We’re adding new features according to our product strategy, often based on user feedbacks. One of the real challenges in this process is to keep Doodle easy to use for everyone. This is about prioritizing features and about design. It was about time to give Doodle a new fresh look and we were able to release a first BETA version. You can access the new design by clicking on “Try our new design (BETA)” in the upper right corner when visiting a Doodle poll page.

As always, we’re keen to get any kind of feedback.

2 comments on “New beta-design

  1. robin bannister

    i regularly use doodles with weekly entries for a whole quarter,
    i.e. they always have at least 12 columns.

    will you (please) support the old design in future?
    e.g. support the ?newDesign=false qualifier
    or similar. to ensure table is horizontally compact


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