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Doodle’s new premium offer

Doodle’s paid services are an important part in our product strategy, and like the free service, they are continually open for further development. The most recent release makes our premium offer even clearer – all price plans offer the same features unified under one name: Premium Doodle. Single users and small teams pay a small yearly fee while larger organizations get larger licenses. Premium Doodle includes ad-free branding, premium features, and SSL encryption for everyone. Businesses get an individual Doodle URL on top of that. The service also includes the full range of Doodle features, unlimited transactions, access to the mobile version, and calendar integration. Just like the free version, it’s accessible online, but it requires a personal account. The participants don’t need to provide any identification or account info, but they’ll see the branded theming from the poll initiator.

Premium Doodle is an attractive offer for people who frequently coordinate meetings and want to add some personal touches to the look of Doodle. Current users include individuals and companies of all sizes, as well as authorities, institutions, and private associations. The price plans are determined by the number of active users (the number of participants remains unlimited), which makes Premium Doodle attractive for smaller teams who get the full package at a low price.

More information on Premium Doodle.

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