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An international survey published recently showed that there’s a huge potential for Doodle in today’s businesses: professionals still waste too much time with coordinating meeting times when using email, phone or calendar meeting requests.

Recent developments made Doodle even more suitable for the use in the office by closing the gap between individuals‘ calendars and distinct corporate IT-systems. Doodle’s professional packages includes the following free features:

  • Meeting invitations (polls) with multiple options that are independent of participant’s calendar systems.
  • Two e-mails cover the whole coordination process, and each participant can indicate his or her preferences.
  • Initiating and answering meeting invitations in the Doodle calendar view.
  • Full integration with Outlook and Google calendars and address book.
  • Integration with any individual or public calendar: Google Calender, Google Apps, Outlook, Lotus Notes, and any other calendar with an ICS feed.
  • Flexible options: time zone support, reservations, hidden polls, …

The paid professional solution Branded Doodle offers full branding capabilities and additional features:

  • Ad-free branding
  • Arbitrary Doodle-URL:
  • SSL-encryption
  • Who’s missing-reminder functionality
  • Request for additional registration info

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