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eKnife: Swiss efficiency to the power of three

You know Doodle but do you use Wuala and Memonic as well? With Wuala you can store your files securely online, Memonic allows you to clip essential information from websites and access it from every computer or mobile device.

Wuala, Memonic and Doodle stand for excellent Swiss web services that help you to more easily organize your life and access your information. We want to make it even easier for you to enter the world of Swiss efficiency with our premium bundle eKnife that is launched today: get three Swiss web services upgraded at the price of one! The promotion is available at for 59 CHF/44 € through December, and gives the users access to Premium Doodle, a premium Memonic account, and 10 GB of online storage on Wuala for one year.

A big thank you goes to the three top Swiss bloggers  @leumund@bloggingtom and @michelrossier who were involved when the idea of a Swiss premium bundle was triggered by a conversation on Twitter.

Read more in our press release!

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