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Calendar connect highlights: suggest, mobilize, share and more

With the advanced calendar integration and the new calendar view, Doodle became more powerful and saves you even more time. In this post, we want to highlight some specific calendar connect features that we think are especially beneficial and deserve an emphasized mention:

When participating in a poll:

  • You now have the suggest button available in the calendar view. When you click on it, Doodle automatically chooses the right times based on your availability in your calendar. You don’t need to manually edit every single option, instead, you just quickly check whether the selected answers are convenient for you. This saves a lot of time, especially when you have many time options to react to.
  • Another add-on extends Mobile Doodle: when you answer a meeting invitation in the mobile view, you can also choose to save the tentative or final options to your calendar. This means that you won’t lose any information when scheduling on the run.
  • When participating, whether in the tabular view or in the calendar view, Ctrl-A selects all options as “Yes”.

When initiating a poll:

  • Time slots can be selected in 15-minute intervals in the calendar view (for more precise times, change to the tabular view). By default, all time slots you select will be the same length as the previous one. So it’s just a click, not a drag, for all consecutive option slots.
  • Again, we want to encourage you as the initiator of a meeting invitation to also close the poll and pick a final date. Doing so means that all the tentative options will be removed from the participating calendars and the final date will be booked in them.

These are professional features, however, they’re free with Doodle. Just connect your electronic calendar with your MyDoodle account (see how that works)! If you don’t have an electronic calendar, then get one – it’s worth it just because of these nice Doodle features.

2 comments on “Calendar connect highlights: suggest, mobilize, share and more

  1. Arne Nedergaard

    Unclosed polls are a major trouble, causing a lot of mess in my calendar. I suggest, you add the possibility of quickly replying the admin of a poll encouraging him to close the poll. Also, you could add a monitoring function to every poll that will automatically send a reminder email to the admin of the poll, when say the first day in the poll is three day ahead. Just a few suggestions. Thank you for a great tool! But the unclosed polls are really annoying…!

  2. Hi Arne,

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, this is one of the major issues at the moment. We already added some stuff to encourage the Admin to close the poll. If we don’t see any improvements over time, we most likely will add a participation-based closing.


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