Doodle gets Swiss Open Source Award

Open Source Software (OSS) is crucial for Doodle: both in development and operation, market leading Doodle is relying almost completely on OSS. Therefore it is very important for us that OSS is successful, attracts many developers and is deployed in many projects.

We’re very glad that we were honored by the first place of the Swiss Opens Source Awards 2010 in the category Business. We’re also happy to get this first price together with Run my Accounts because as entrepreneurs we know exactly how important it is to have a reliable accounting.

More on the ceremony of the CH Open Source Awards (in German).

2 thoughts on “Doodle gets Swiss Open Source Award

  1. PowerKiKi

    Does that mean Doodle source code is available somewhere ? Or is it only because Doodle use third party open source solutions ?

  2. mn

    It’s because of the latter. We use open source software extensively to develop and run the service. (And we contribute with bugfixes, software contributions, donations — and by discovering and fixing security issues.)


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