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Scheduling functions improved, API documented, Facebook terminated

With our latest release, we simplfied the administration of a Doodle-poll: the two admin functions Edit and Close are now directly accessible on the participation page. With that, we want to encourage you to complete the scheduling process as soon as you fixed the final option – only so, all tentatively saved options will be removed from the calendar automatically (if the personal calendar is connected to Doodle). Closed polls can be reopened if necessary. Another improvement applies to the new calendar view where you can now also use the suggest function. It automatically picks the right answer, based on your availability in the calendar.

We are convinced that the calendar integration is also useful for a variety of calendars and front ends that might not yet be supported by Doodle. We therefore heartily encourage developers to have a look on our newly documented Calendar- and Contacts API.

From now on, Doodle is only present on Facebook with its company page: the Doodle Facebook Application has been terminated and the users of the app have been informed separately. Please visit us on Facebook: we love you when you like us!

8 comments on “Scheduling functions improved, API documented, Facebook terminated

  1. Olivier Berger

    Too bad the application has been terminated 🙁

  2. Kathi Scow

    A few weeks ago, for just a short time, participants had the option to respond with 1. available, 2. could do it if had to, and 3. unavailable.

    I don’t see these cool options (and color codes) anymore!

    What happened? Where did they go?

  3. @Kathi,

    If you create a poll, click the options button on Wizard Step 4. From there you can enable “Yes-No-Ifneedbe” which gives you the cool codes again. 🙂


  4. I can see the option ‘Yes-No-Ifneedbe’, but it’s not active 🙁 Is it only available to those who have a paid account? thanks.

  5. @KP

    You can only enable this option when you create a new poll. Once created you can no longer change this.

  6. I the calendar view available in the paid version? Or are there only two real differences in the paid version? Tell me why I should convince my boss to pay for this software when I currently use it for free 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Faj Ashua

    Can I add my voice to the others lamenting the loss of the Facebook app? I realize they’re not the most developer-friendly folks over there, but this is a *really* useful tool I’ve been searching for, especially for the ability to bridge facebook and non-facebook users. Anyhow, thanks for the hard work on the rest.

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