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Next chapter of calendar connect: Outlook Connector open to public

We launched our first Outlook Plugin in March 2009 at the same time as the calendar connect via ICS feeds. Today, we are happy to open to the public the new Outlook Connector beta that fully integrates with the calendar view launched one month ago.

Outlook users can now start and answer meeting invitations directly in the calendar view and automatically reserve tentative and definitive events in their calendar. It is your choice whether to connect full calendar details or only free and busy data with Doodle. On top of that, you can share free and busy data with select contacts via Doodle – this is particularly useful for individuals who don’t share a calendar infrastructure. You can also connect your address book so you don’t have to manually type e-mail addresses when sending meeting invitations via Doodle.

Connect your Outlook Calendar today! You’ll need Outlook 2007 or 2010 and a free MyDoodle account. The previous Outlook Plugin is not going to be supported beyond end of August.

Here are two more nice little improvements for the calendar view:

  • When you start a meeting invitation in the calendar view, all time slots you select will by default be the same length as the previous one. So it’s just a click, not a drag, for all consecutive option slots.
  • Doodle will remember the calendars you selected and will show them by default when working in the calendar view the next time.

The “closed beta” phase of the Doodle Outlook Connector was short and positive: we have heard from a large number of interested users who provided us with so much valuable feedback that we’re now able to open the beta to all users. We’d like to thank all of the early participants!

Be sure to also check out the video and additional information about the new calendar connect and view functionality.

3 comments on “Next chapter of calendar connect: Outlook Connector open to public

  1. Hi,

    This is a very great feature. Very good, thank you.

    An idea that would be useful: synchronize the number of answers collected in the poll and display it in outlook (or other) calendar, as an indication of what could be the final date.

    Best regards

  2. Hi,

    I have a Mac with Entourage (and hopefully soon Outlook 2010 for Mac). Any chances to get that wonderful connector working on a Mac soon?

    Best regards

  3. I second that request! would love to link my entourage calendar to this

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