Facebook, premium, and Google news

Doodle’s Facebook application won Facebook’s German Application Contest just one month after it launched and is still used today although users clearly prefer our main service at Doodle.com. That’s why we’ve decided to fade it out by the end of August. Read more

Don’t be sad, though! You can still be a fan of Doodle on Facebook. Stay tuned to that page because we’ll inform you there about news and activities!

Upon popular requests, we now offer our premium customers the means to download PDF invoices with one click from the MyDoodle admin page. Both Premium Doodle and Branded Doodle customers can download all invoices of their current as well as past subscriptions.

Another change concerns Google Analytics. Google recently announced anonymized IP statistics and that’s what we’re going to use from now on. That means that Google and Doodle will only process aggregated usage data and not data linked to specific IP addresses. Also read our strict privacy policy.

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