Biggest step forward in the development of Doodle

The new face of Doodle is out now: a calendar view that enables users to directly start and answer meeting requests with all relevant information up to date at one place. You can connect your personal calendar, as well as any additional calendar via an ICS feed. This can be the family agenda, a colleague’s calendar or a public feed with national holidays. Finally, you can share free and busy data on Doodle with selected persons – regardless of the calendar system they use – and make it available with a click.

The new functions will be fully available for Google Calendar. Other online calendars like Yahoo!, Windows Live, and Apple’s MobileMe can be connected using ICS feeds from and to Doodle. Rollout of the Outlook Connector will start with a private beta phase initially and soon be opened as a public beta.

People who organize their events without electronic calendar can still use the common mode with the tabular display, also when a meeting request was sent from the calendar view. Users can also switch between the calendar view and the classic tabular display.

Read more in our media release or connect your calendar today (see also the short video)!

8 thoughts on “Biggest step forward in the development of Doodle

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