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Don't confuse Google rescheduler with online scheduler Doodle

Last week, the Google Calendar Labs Smart Rescheduler was covered by the media. We tested this feature and found it helpful for rescheduling a meeting. We also found that it shouldn’t be confused with an online scheduler like Doodle – it’s actually not intended for that type of use. We believe that a full online scheduling tool should comply with these three following fundamental characteristics:

  • Booking times in your calendar must not be over-automated because calendar information is usually too personal to be processed without the participant’s hand in the matter.
  • For complex meeting setups (i.e. starting with three or more people), it is very efficient – and transparent – to take out the coordination process from each participant’s calendar (extracalendar scheduling). It’s about finding a consensus, a task no algorithm can do for you.
  • And, last but not least, scheduling will only work broadly when tools work with all running electronic calendar types (intercalendar scheduling).

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