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Doodle designWe are looking for the right person to take Doodle’s user experience to the next level. The ideal candidate has a strong track record in both visual and interaction design. Her/his passion is to design usable online user interfaces that are visually appealing. Update: Please do not apply, this position is no longer available.

7 comments on “Designer wanted

  1. I think you guys you need someone who can do all those things you listed at the top of your information and application, but i think its more important for the person to be your designer to have a strong DESIGN background more so than anything. Even if they can’t sketch quickly in Javascript or use HTML or CSS as well, its more important to be able to convey a really clean and beautiful user-orientated interface that works in a clear logical order. A person who is more about the design of the visuals and interaction than the programming and not the other way around.

    • Hi Frances, thanks for your comment. We totally agree with you and indeed put more emphasis on the design aspects than on the programming aspects.


  2. Mike Robinson

    I don’t know why you folks are strictly looking for “faces in chairs in Zurich.” Why not skilled designers in, say, Nashville, Tennessee USA? 🙂 Granted, time zones would be an issue at such distance.

  3. Draadtrekker

    Design is easy (and irrelevant until you have a prototype).
    Coding is the hard part.
    Get the thing working and paint the eye candy afterwards.
    Work first, play later.

  4. @Draadtrekker Interaction design is decidedly *not* about eye candy. It is exactly “getting the thing working”. Only in this case “working” means something bigger than programming. I do agree with you that coding without a good design is hard…and it turns out a decent design makes coding easy.

  5. Design is NOT easy! I’ve been developing websites for 15 years, both visually and technically and I’ve seen great looking websites pulled apart by professional designers and transformed into incredible looking and more usable websites.

    Acknowledging when something needs improving is halfway there..

  6. @Draadtrekker – Sorry bud! You should never lead with coding as techies don’t understand what things are or how it needs to work. You have to start with business requirements then move to UI/design. Only after everything is known should you code!

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