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Lotus Notes widget out of beta

R4_lotus_software_colorWith our latest release, we proudly took the Doodle for Lotus Notes widget out of beta status. Lotus Notes users can now take full advantage of the seamless Doodle-integration: Doodle-polls can be initiated and replied to directly from Lotus Notes and the meeting time agreed on can be saved with one click in the calendar.

By integrating Doodle into Lotus Notes, we have given a tremendous number of organizations, including small businesses and large enterprises, the means to close the gap between disparate calendars and to make scheduling virtually effortless. Michael Snijders from Chocolats Camille Bloch SA, one of the earliest adopters of the widget, said:

This is an excellent widget. Finally, we can use the full power of Lotus Notes which allows us to schedule our meetings internally, and with the rest of the world! I initially began using Doodle for private meet-ups, but now I’m able to use it professionally as well.

Learn more on the Lotus Notes widget or Doodle’s further calendar integrations!

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  1. When will there be a Mac version of the Widget?

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