Doodle’s third anniversary

Three years ago, Inturico Engineering GmbH, the company that’s called Doodle AG today and provides the world leading online scheduling service, was founded. At that point in time, Doodle already existed and had been growing substantially since its invention by Michael Naef in 2003. From the service’s inception, over the company’s founding, and to this date, Doodle has always been the standard setting online scheduler. A huge THANKS to our millions of users worldwide!

Doodle founders Myke Näf and Paul Sevinç today

Doodle founders Myke Näf and Paul Sevinç today

4 thoughts on “Doodle’s third anniversary

  1. anthony gilbert

    Today it’s my birthday too.

    And for it, i would like to have an addon on “MyDoodle”.

    When i am in a polls, i can see the “description” of the polls.

    But when i choose “Edit an entry”, the description does not appear.

    –> Is it possible to add the description when we choose “Edit an entry” ?
    –> Can you do it for my birthday ?

    Thank for “your” MyDoodle.
    I use it everyday for all events : football team, event family, tennis match and holidays.

    It is so simple, so obviously.

    Great, great congratulations and happy birthday !!!

  2. mn

    Anthony, thanks and happy birthday! We’ll definitely put your request on our (ever growing…) wishlist.

    Sam, thanks! Same to you.


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