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Improved Google Calendar integration

We’ve improved the way Doodle integrates into Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendar, you can get the following features:

  • When you participate in a poll, Doodle will suggest how to fill in the poll based on the information in your Google Calendar. You can also choose examine the relevant calendar information.
  • You will have the option to automatically add tentative appointments to your Google calendar for all the time slots that you accept on Doodle.
  • Once the final date and time is fixed, Doodle will remove the tentative appointments and add the final date and time to the calendar.

In summary, the new integration adds new functionality and is considerably faster and more reliable than the old way. And it takes only a second to set it up: Go to your MyDoodle settings and click “Connect new Google Calendar”, confirm, done. If you don’t have a (free!) MyDoodle account yet, register here now.

MyDoodle settings to integrate into third-party calendars
MyDoodle settings to integrate into third-party calendars

33 comments on “Improved Google Calendar integration

  1. When I try this, I get a message saying “There was an error connecting to your calendar”.

  2. I can’t add multiple google calendars, nor can I choose which one is the most important. I have different google calendars set up for different things, and it only lets me add the one at the top of the list on my account. Is there any way to get around this?

  3. @Josh,

    Thanks for the comment. We allow to connect several Google accounts. E.g. private and work (Google Apps). We are currently working on the feature to let a user pick particular calendars (beside the default calendar) for both, read and writes.


  4. Hi
    I can’t connect using my google apps name and password.
    it refuses the login on the standard google authorisation page

  5. @Dominic,

    Are you sure you enter the correct username and password?
    Below the login field is a lonk “Can’t access your account?”. Click on that and try to resolve your problem through the Google help system.


  6. what about writing on the default calendar, but reading the busy information from all of them? That’s what would make most sense for me at least.

  7. @Kira,

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are aware of this and work on improvements in that area.


  8. This feature shows promise, but really needs the ability to use calendars other than the default. Note that I’m not talking about different Google accounts, but different calendars within the same Google account.

  9. I agree with others who have commented on this partial integration.

    I maintain about a dozen separate Calendars for different aspects of my life just within my own Google Apps account, have a separate Work Google account, and have access to others belonging to other family members, so Calendar integration is useless if I can’t choose, on a per-poll basis, which of my Google Accounts and which of the Calendars within those accounts are relevant to my availability for that poll.

    On that basis, I haven’t even tried it, but it would be good if Doodle could also update a nominated Calender with “most popular” poll choices (for polls that I control and polls that I can see the results of), so that I can see the results in my Calendar as effectively a pending possible appointment, as well as have Doodle take account of my pre-existing commitments to help me respond to a poll.


  10. @Julie,

    Our most recent release fullfills all your wishes. If you create and participate in a poll, you will be able to interact through a calendar interface which now shows all your google calendars. Furthermore on participation you will be able to pick a target calendar. In order to pick any, you need to become Premium member. Read more here:

    Hope that all works for you!


  11. Thanks for the hard work.
    My Wife handles all my scheduling. This makes my life easier.

  12. I tried integrating meetings I’m scheduling on Doodle with Google calendar, but unlike previous version, results I get in Google are always “Doodle attempt”, and then I have to click on it to see who I’m meeting with, while before I would see name of participant in Google calendar which made it easy for printing.

    Any chance to change this?

  13. @John,

    Thanks for the feedback. Since a few months we only include the participation list in the Calendar description for premium users. Free users need to go to the poll site. You can become premium user here:


  14. Just got it working with Google Calendar. Thanks!

  15. Hi

    Often the polls that I participate in do not close, or close late, so I am stuck with many Doodle-tentative slots. The post says it is an “option” but I cannot find where to turn it off! (I still wish to use my Google calendar to suggest times and view other appointments)


  16. @Arthur,

    Yes, we know about this problem. We are working on a redesign which will make poll closing very prominent. If we don’t see any decline here we will take further actions.


  17. Hi

    I have the same problem like Joseph “There was an error connecting to your calendar”

    Ive tried the FAQ at support, i obviously can connect to the internet etc but could anyone help. Did you resolve this issue Joseph?


  18. @Maxine,

    Thanks for your comment. Sometimes, Google plays hard to get. Please retry to connect. If you keep getting this error contact us here:


  19. Hi. I first created a poll, then second linked my doodle account to my gmail. Is it possible to link the poll to the google calendar “after the fact?” If so, how?

  20. @John,

    You must remove your previous entry and reparticipate. Then before you Save make sure the right calendar in the drop-down is selected.


  21. Hi. Doodle is a great tool, especcially with Google Calender integration but I’m wondering if you might consider adding a new piece of awesomeness (if it’s not in there already). When closing a poll and selecting the final date, Doodle adds the final appointment to your calender but doesn’t add the participants as guests. This I do manually afterwards by editing the event and adding the participants. Since Doodle already knows who they are, why not have a feature that adds them to the event automatically?. The email Doodle sends with the final date is cool but not as efficient as a calender invite sent directly and automatically from Doodle would be.

  22. Once I use “calendar view” to help me make my selections, all of the entries (in this case, 19 choices!) all stay on my calendar. This is regardless of my “available or not” selections. I don’t want ANY of these on my calendar until the meeting is set. How do I remove these 19 non-meetings from my calendar?

    • doodlemyke

      These entries are tentative and will be removed once the poll is closed. However, you can also delete your entry to get rid of the tentative slots. Also, when participating, you can choose to not sync with your calendar.

      • Well, the poll still has not been closed (over which I have no control) and the entries are still cluttering up my calendar. I even disconnected my Doodle account from my Google calendar and all the entries are still on the calendar. No offense, but this is pretty ridiculous. The calendar should be a tool to complete the pool, but users don’t want a bunch of non-appointments filling up their calendar. A lof of us can 2-3-4 or more polls going at any one time. I won’t use calendar sync again until this is fixed.

  23. Carsten Hoffmann

    @John: You can just choose to not save the entires in your calendar! That is what doolemyke tried to tell you, and exactly what you need.

    • The problem is that now by default one of the calenders is chosen in the drop-down (I think the default used to be none chosen). So I often accidently have the tentative appointments show up in my calender although I did not want them to be there. Then to delete them I have to edit my votes to none-votes, and then again changing them to the original votes.

      I’d prefer that the default in the dropdown would be “no calender”, or at least it should remember my last choice.

  24. I have my doodle and google calendars sycned. However, when I set up a poll, and the participants select their appointment dates with me, how do I get the appointments they selected to show up on my calendar.

    Right now the only way it works is if I set up the poll to wheretwo people can select the same option. So once a person selects their appointment,upon receiving email notification I just go in and also select the same appointment. Then is when that appointment shows up in my calendar.

    Please help me I think my method is tedious because sometimes 2 different people select the same appointment and I’ll have to reach out to the second person to let them know they have to select a different time.

    Am I setting up things incorrectly

    • Terrence – I had the same issue and question. From what I understand, there is currently no way to have those appointments show up on your calendar when a person schedules an appointment. I ended up switching to my Google calendar and adding the appointment manually. This had the same effect as you double scheduling the appointment. My way was is just as tedious. This seems like a glaring mistake on Doodle’s part. I even emailed l their support in order to get an answer.

      • Malte@Doodle

        Hi Terence, Hi Mark,

        thank you for your feedback. I feel that I need to shed some light on this.

        With the Doodle polls we focus solely on the group scheduling case, that is to find the best time to meet for a group of people. Therefore we only synchronize your own participation so that you can try to be available at the times you checked on the poll. After the poll is closed only the final date will remain in your calendar.

        But we do offer two more services for the use case you are describing. One is MeetMe (, where users can suggest times they want to meet you. And the other one is BookMe (, which is a professional appointment booking solution that should do exactly what you are looking for.

        // Malte

      • Malte,

        Thanks for the response. I will add, though, that the issue with MeetMe, as was described to me in an email response, is that you cannot specify a group of set appointment times from which others can choose. For example, I teach college, and occasionally need to schedule 15-minute conferences with students. However, I do not want them to schedule at any time of the day they wish. My only alternative is to block off every single part of my day except for the times that students can schedule appointments. That is a huge inconvenience to spend time adding fake items on the schedule simply to restrict choices. It also clutters my calendar with unnecessary entries.

        The service that is needed is more like BookMe, but I don’t want to pay a fee to have an already scheduled appointment show up on my calendar. It seems like there should be an easy solution that would coordinate the Doodle appointments with the Google (or other) calendar.

        I hope that helps to clarify the situation. I also want to say that this limitation does not detract from the wonderful tools that Doodle already offers. I would just like to see that extra option.


  25. Hey. I’m using my synchronized google calendar but every time I make a doodle voting and I suggest several timeslots (eg. four and I say yes for all of them) they automatically appear in my calendar. It means we haven’t even decided which one is suitable for everyone but I already have – in this case – four planned meetings in my calendar. How can I switch this off?

    • Hi Petra,

      Participating in a poll – and choosing your calendar to sync – will save all options as tentative dates in your calendar. As soon as the poll is closed and the final date(s) are chosen all tentative dates disappear. Only the final date(s) remain.

      The admin has to close the poll properly. Opening the admin link and clicking on “Close Poll”. Choosing the final date(s) and clicking “Save”.

      Tentative dates are saved in your calendar in order to keep your calendar clear for the times in question. As long as the poll is not closed you simply don’t know which date will be chosen. It helps you to avoid double bookings.

      In case you don’t want to sync your chosen options with your calendar, don’t choose your calendar to sync. Switch the pulldown underneath the poll grid “On save synchronize to” to “No Calendar” before clicking “Save”.

      If you have any further questions, please contact us via our support at

      Best regards
      Your Doodle Team

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