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Wanted: Software Engineer!

Are you our new rockstar who will take our service to the next level? We’re looking forward to receiving your application!

See the job posting.

7 comments on “Wanted: Software Engineer!

  1. Thank you for posting this job opportunity. I will email my resume to work@doodle.com.

  2. Suggestion: If you want a good developer, don’t advertise for a “rockstar”.

  3. If we leave it out, will you apply for the position?

  4. Sounds a fun place to work, but will I fit in if I can’t play the guitar?

  5. We’re open to discuss. Any other instruments you play?

  6. Mark Serlin

    hey! i’m a senior C++/C# dev and my band’s got some gigs coming up. In London.

  7. Great! Send us a demo tape/mp3 and your CV.

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