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Project managers use Doodle

meeting im freienFor the environment, in health care or in academia: project managers rely on the flexibility of Doodle when coordinating and scheduling times with a large number of people. Read their original voices!

“In ONE DAY we had nearly all of the time slots filled with volunteers — a scheduling job that would have been a nightmare the old way.” More…

Jeanne Huber, Wild Salmon Protection Project on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

“Doodle makes it simple for all of us to assemble a group of people, especially when participants use different calendar systems.” More…

Amy, a project specialist for a health care quality center in Cincinnati, Ohio

Coordinating multiple meetings for 15 committees, each made up of approximately 18 faculty members: “I couldn’t have done it any other way. Next time Doodle will again be critical to our efforts.” More…

Curriculum Manager Erin Seay at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

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