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Use the Doodle Gadget everywhere

Doodle published a Gadget for iGoogle almost exactly one year ago. It is used heavily and feedbacks are very positive, e.g. this one: “A simple but great plugin to see my Doodles. From the creator of Doodle himself. Cool idea and extremly useful!”

The same gadget can be used in many other places:

  • In the sidebar of your Firefox browser: Visit this address, create a bookmark, edit the new bookmark’s properties and activate the “open in sidebar” checkbox, then open the bookmark.
  • In your Gmail sidebar: Activate Gmail labs, enable “add any gadget by URL”, go to “Settings / Gadgets” and add the Doodle gadget.
  • In your Google Calendar: Activate labs for Google calendar, enable the “add any gadget by URL” gadget and use that gadget to add the Doodle gadget.

Where else can it be used? Tell us in the comments!

And BTW: we also have a Facebook and a XING app. And there are other ways to integrate Doodle with Google’s and others’ calendars. Learn more.

3 comments on “Use the Doodle Gadget everywhere

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  2. Sir, do you have any plans or willingness to do your doodle gadget for protopage? (

    Our internal team uses protopage for a team page and it would be great if we could link our doodle account to it through a widget!

    Just curious if you would be willing. Thanks!

  3. Maybe as a html code?

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