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Tidy Scheduling

You might already have recognized that Doodle has a new main page. With that brush-up, we further focus on the scheduling aspect of Doodle which made it possible to rearrange and declutter the page and make it more user-friendly. What is important: all Doodle features are still there! And speaking of features: we put together an overview of all the funtionality available in the free Doodle service. If you’re not yet familiar with all the different possibilities, you’ll see that Doodle is very flexible and can be tailored to your sepcific needs – always easily and quickly, of course!

5 comments on “Tidy Scheduling

  1. very good site and like it

  2. It is very nice and convineint website to schedule with group.


  3. Jeff Byers

    It’s a great site, but I do wish as administrator I could look at a poll without having it enter my name on a new line, as if I were about to enter a vote.

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