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Files and maps for all plus full theming options for corporate customers

All Doodle users can now effortlessly include attachments within their meeting requests and polls – whether a meeting agenda, invitation, picture or video – thanks to the integrated new feature from the collaboration service and Doodle have a common philosophy: collaboration with an online tool should be dead simple and possible without registration.

After a month-long test phase we can also release the integration of Google Maps. This free feature gives meeting organizers the ability to select a location for a meeting and let it display using Google Maps.

And finally, here’s some news for our enterprise Branded Doodle clients: you can now fully customize your Branded Doodle environment for internal and external use. The theming editor is only available for Branded Doodle and Premium Doodle paying customers, however, the unique URL, access control, and safety features will remain unchanged for paying Branded Doodle customers. Get the full Branded Doodle now!

4 comments on “Files and maps for all plus full theming options for corporate customers

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  2. Myron RATNAVALE

    Dear Doodle R&D 🙂

    Can i suggest you add a function to optionally export an ical or outlook booking file for any doodle bookings a user fills in . This way a potential scheduling conflict would get picked up in a users outlook…even if the meeting date is not finalised between the time the user books several alternatives and other meetings are fixed there could be conflict.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Myron,

    You can already do this using our MyDoodle ics feed. Read more about calendar integrations here:

    If you don’t want to sign up for a MyDoodle account, you can optionally select “Calendar export” in the functions area below the poll table.


  4. I like the theme option thats provided. Also thanks Reto for the “Calender export”


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