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Doodle in action at… Sun Microsystems, University of St. Gallen, Puzzle ITC

Many thanks, dear users and fans, for the great feedback we continue to receive from you! It is an enormous source of motivation which drives us to make Doodle even better and more tailored to your needs. Today we’ve opened the blog to allow our business customers to speak about their experiences with Branded Doodle, the online scheduling enterprise solution:

Sanjay Sharma, Director of Marketing at SUN Cloud Computing:

“Employees throughout Sun Microsystems are using Doodle every day to set up meetings and even to coordinate employee participation at conferences and trade shows.”

Read more about the use case Sun Startup Essentials …

Raimar Paszehr, Head IT-Services at the University St. Gallen:

“Doodle is an ingenious way to find a common time and date for a meeting – it is the perfect complement to the calendar! The University St. Gallen purchased Branded Doodle with access control as an internal service for the staff to carry out meeting requests on our own dedicated platform.”

Martin Gafner, Head Operations at Puzzle ITC:

Puzzle ITC has used Doodle since shortly after the service’s inception.
We are a young team that is always interested in new technologies that can simplify our workflow. That’s why each and every collaborator picks Doodle when it comes to scheduling meetings. Branded Doodle is particularly cool because our logo identifies us clearly as the originator of a poll.

Of course, we’re always glad to receive your suggestions and ideas–we welcome any input that you may have. Thanks again.

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