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New subscription for enthusiasts: Premium Doodle

A new product for Doodle lovers is now available, Premium Doodle: a personal profile that allows you to express your individuality when scheduling. Premium Doodle gives scheduling a whole new identity – yours! You can customize all your Doodle polls with your own colors and add your profile picture which will appear whenever you participate in a poll. For a fee of just $28 annually all polls you initiate and participate in will be ad-free. Premium functionality will also allow you to request personal information such as postal address, e-mail address, and phone number from poll participants – particularly helpful for binding RSVPs. We’re looking forward to welcoming Premium Doodle customers and thank them for the support they give us through it!

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Read the media release.

Premium Doodle: personal profile view, avatar & premium functionality

2 comments on “New subscription for enthusiasts: Premium Doodle

  1. I have been using your service for quite a while now. This new branded doodle calendars is so exiting. It is one of my two biggest feature wishes.

    I wonder if it is possible and within the end user license to embed an branded premium doodle in an iframe within my own website?

    Secondly where does one go about to get the coupon code 😉

    A small marketing suggestion could be to make an branded doodle css/graphics competition. The winning price strategy could include prices for the top tree winners, such as an ipod shuffle or similar. The next runner ups could receive free premium accounts and the honour. The number of runner ups is decided by the number of usable and goodlooking templates.

    Thank you.


    Jon Angelo Gjetting

  2. Jon

    Thanks for your comment. We’re glad that you like Doodle. Yes, you can embed Doodle using an Iframe. And thanks for the marketing suggestion.

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