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Extended calendar integration, locations, improved XING app, more payment methods

We just finished putting our August release online. Here are the major improvements:

  • Extended calendar integration: You were already able to subscribe to the Doodle ICS feed to keep your calendar up-to-date with the latest Doodle information. Starting today, you can also import your calendar information into your MyDoodle account and have Doodle suggest your availabilities based on your calendar whenever you need to fill in a poll. This feature requires you to open a MyDoodle account; afterwards, you will be able to add your calendar feed here.
  • Locations: We introduced an optional feature that allows you to specify an event’s location. The feature is based on Google Maps internationally and on in Switzerland.
  • Improved XING app: Our Doodle XING app was launched only recently and is already among the most popular apps on XING. As a consequence, we get lots of feedback, and we take it seriously by introducing the following improvements: 1) Users can now merge their XING Doodle account with their normal Doodle account and see the combined dashboard in both worlds. 2) Poll participants can easily be found and invited using the new contact search with auto-completion. 3) Additional participants can be invited even after a poll has been set up. To the Doodle XING app…
  • More payment methods: We’ve incorporated Moneybookers and are now able to offer many additional and more convenient payment options to our Branded Doodle customers who want to use Doodle for their business, e.g. many credit cards, bank transfer, etc.

2 comments on “Extended calendar integration, locations, improved XING app, more payment methods

  1. The improvement is good because it closes the gap in personal calendar systems.

  2. I really love doodle for scheduling events. However I would be looking forward to a feature where you can add a additional poll for a location. E.g., you want to schedule a lunch, but you have not decided between 5 possible locations, and you want the others to make a vote next to the date and time.

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