Social Scheduling with Doodle in XING

Update August 3 2009: Doodle implements 3 improvements for the XING app

Doodle is launch partner of the new XING Partner Ecosystem. Being a social network, XING enables a number of interesting functions: XING members can recognize Doodle polls they have in common with others, they see the profile picture when someone participates in a poll, and they can invite XING contacts to a meeting with just one click. Starting today, Doodle can be easily installed as a XING application.

Xing logo

3 thoughts on “Social Scheduling with Doodle in XING

  1. Ansgar

    So why does doodle not properly connect to my account?

    “Sie haben bisher weder eine Umfrage erstellt noch an einer teilgenommen.”

  2. Paul

    Hi Ansgar

    XING accounts and MyDoodle accounts are currently not mapped to each other. In cooperation with XING, we are going to add features over time, one of which is likely going to be the account merging feature known from Doodle’s Facebook integration.

    Best regards,


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