Web 2.0 apps win Doodle’s API Contest

We are happy to announce the winners of the Doodle API Contest today! Doodlendar, an application that integrates Doodle’s scheduling system with Google Calendar, developed by two students at the ETH Zurich, won first prize. Second and third prizes went to Manymoon (USA) and DoodleZack (Austria). Winners were chosen by a jury of web pros out of eight approved applications from six different countries.

“It’s great to see that working on an own project gets such appreciation,” said the winners Michael Schaufelberger (white shirt) and Stephan Merkli (blue shirt) yesterday at the “award ceremony”. Instead of the original prize, a trip to Zurich, they decided to take the cash prize: “Cash is easier to divide by the two of us… (Is it really? – see photo) … and we aren’t too worried about finding a way to spend it.”


The winners together with Doodle CEO Michael Näf & Michael Schaufelberger and Stephan Merkli dividing the first price of the API contest
Doodle CEO Michael Naef (black shirt) presents our API competition winners with first prize

With Doodlendar (introduction) one can use Doodle to schedule events in Google Calendar. Doodle’s meeting time options are added as tentative events in Google Calendar. As soon as a poll is closed and a definite time slot is chosen – this will be saved as the only appointment in the calendar. “Doodlendar is a useful and smooth marriage of Doodle and the widely-used calendar app. I love the side-by-side calendar to poll view,” jury member Gina Trapani (Founding Editor of Smarterware and Lifehacker) said about the winning application.

The runner-up, social productivity application Manymoon with ManyDoodle, commented: “We are excited to be using Doodle’s API to add the ability to schedule events within Manymoon. Our customers are already using our Doodle integration to schedule business events every day,” said co-founder Amit Kulkarni.

A big “Thank you!” to all participants and special thanks to the jury and our sponsors! 

4 comments on “Web 2.0 apps win Doodle’s API Contest

  1. Stef Andries

    Wow.. exactly the application I was looking for…

    The first few experiments look promising, however there are a few strange problems:

    1) None of my already existing polls (owned nor participated) show up.
    2) If I create a new pol from within the Doodlendar, they do…
    3) …but when I click on them to participate, I get the following error:
    Oops, an error happened:
    [err:XPTY0004] Seq with 2 or more items cannot be promoted to a
    4) same error when I try the “Poll ID / URL” field on to and hit the “Get Poll” button.



  2. The post contains a bunch of code like

  3. Speaking of API, will doodle provide a Google wave interaction ?

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