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Invite&Contact, Google addressbook integration, and other news

With our latest release, we added a number of new features to Doodle. The most important one is Invite&Contact: You can now have Doodle invite your participants to a poll. This has the major advantage that Doodle then knows who you invited and can later help you contact these same people again to send a reminder or tell them about the final date & time your event will take place.

Here’s how it works:

  • As the final step after creating a new poll, Doodle now allows you to inivite people. This is an option, you can still send the Doodle links out via your own mail application. If you invite from Doodle, you’ll be taken to a form where you can enter the invitees’ e-mail addresses and the message. Doodle will then send the message to those people.
  • Doodle will store the e-mail addresses you enter here. Hence, the next time you use the Invite&Contact feature, Doodle will suggest e-mail addresses it knows already when you start typing. Our Privacy Policy states that we won’t misuse these addresses and that you can delete them at any time if you wish.
  • Alternatively, or complementary, you can connect to your Google addressbook to use the e-mail addresses that are stored there. Note that we do not store the whole Google addressbook on our servers, so there will be no privacy and no sync issues.
  • Once the people are invited, you can use the poll’s admin link to contact the invitees again: E.g., send them a reminder that they’re supposed to participate or let them know what the final date and time for your event is. Doodle provides a number of templates with typical texts for these use cases to make things more convenient and efficient for you.

We also released a number of minor news:

  • People often asked us to make it possible to adjust some of the advanced options even after a poll has been created. This is now possible: You can, for example, “unhide” a hidden poll.
  • We have our 29th language: Indonesian. Thank you, Martin Hadinata!

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