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We’re launching a number of exciting features today:

  • The Doodle Outlook Plugin brings together the most popular scheduling service with the widest-used calendar system on the market. Outlook users can use the plugin to automatically fill in Doodle polls and to book tentative and final slots in their calendar. More info and installation instructions
  • The MyDoodle ICS Calendar Feed connects Doodle to all other major calendars like Google Calendar, Sunbird, or Mac’s iCal and keeps users updated on the state of their Doodle polls. Access your personal ICS Feed (requires MyDoodle)
  • The new Branded Doodle service enables companies and other organisations to purchase their own private Doodle, branded with their logo and name, optionally ads-free or with SSL support to encrypt all traffic. Using our new setup wizard, a Branded Doodle can be ready within minutes. More info and access to the setup wizard
  • The Doodle API is RESTful and supports the OAuth, the promising protocol to allow secure authorization of web services. To promote the API, we have teamed up with Sun Microsystems and Nokia and now challenge the Doodle community to build great apps and submit them to the Doodle API Contest. Deadline is April 14. More info about the contest and the API
  • The showcase app for the Doodle API is the Doodle Mail Init Agent. The agent is a power user feature that allows to create Doodle polls via e-mail rather than the web. The agent tries hard to recognize all variations of dates and times like “Tue”, “Tuesday”, “Mar 3rd”, “3/3”, etc. To find out more, send an e-mail to (The agent will also answer at marvin@, smith@, and other aliases.)

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  1. Congratulations on so much so soon!

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