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Closing polls and picking the final date and time

Poll initiators can now close polls and — if they wish — pick the final date and time (or the final option). Closed polls…

… are frozen: Nobody can participate, change existing information, or add comments.

… are clearly marked as closed: Users visiting the poll will recognize immediately that the poll is finished. The final date and time will be mentioned and also accentuated in the table. Visitors will be able to export the final date and time to their calendar with a single click.

… are also labeled in MyDoodle: Polls with a red bullet are closed; polls with a green bullet are still running.

Here’s how a poll can be closed:

  1. Visit the poll admin page via MyDoodle or using the poll’s admin link.
  2. Click “Close poll” and confirm.
  3. Optionally select the final date and time. That’s it.

Polls can easily be re-opened if closed by accident or prematurely.

"Closed Poll" Message


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