Doodle Outlook Plugin Closed Beta: Apply now!

Update: The plugin is now available as Public Beta and can be downloaded here:”.

Update: The Closed Beta is “sold out” after 1’000 users have signed up. But we’ll soon start a Public Beta phase, which lets everybody participate.

Over the past few months we have been working on a highly demanded Doodle Outlook Plugin. We are now inviting 1000 users to a Closed BETA. To be one of them hurry up and apply. We will send you the download page within the next few days.

The Doodle Outlook Plugin brings together the most popular scheduling service and the widest spread calendaring system in the market. Key features are Suggest, Sync and initiate Doodle polls using your Outlook calendar. The integration runs secure on your local computer without sending any sensitive calendar data to our servers. The plugin is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Outlook Plugin Preview Screenshot


12 thoughts on “Doodle Outlook Plugin Closed Beta: Apply now!

  1. scott

    Is there any way to register for the Outlook beta? I don’t see a link for registering any more. Thanks for this great product! Scott


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